Playing games can now happen with anyone, any time, any where


From video gaming to virtual reality

Rockford, IL.According to the story “The Origin Of Virtual Reality.”  “The concept of virtual reality dates back to World War II.  Then, pilot training for combat missions needed more realistic flight simulators.  The technology of the day was insufficient to produce much beyond a rudimentary simulation.  By the 1960s, technology advanced to a point where virtual reality became possible.”

In 1966, Ivan Sutherland conducted experiments with the first head-mounted, three-dimensional displays at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory.  Although the headset was extremely heavy, the user was able to view a computer-generated three-dimensional cube floating in space and, by moving his or her head, inspect various aspects of the cube and determine its dimensions.

Sutherland built the first fully functional head-mounted display unit in 1970.  Myron Krueger also worked on the infant science of virtual reality, first at the University of Utah and later at the University of Connecticut.  His “artificial realities” used both computers and video systems.  “VIDEOPLACE” was first exhibited in 1975 at the Milwaukee Art Center.”

The virtual reality nowadays is way more complex than it used to be.  Although virtual reality can take some time to get used to, It’s more immersive and ten times more enjoyable.  Some games allow you to play online with other people from across the world. There are many different things you can do in virtual reality.  You’re able to watch movies, shows, and videos.  If you have the right devices, you could even make your games.

A recent virtual reality headset, the “Meta Quest 2”, formally known as Oculus, is one of the cheapest virtual reality headsets you can buy, ranging from $300 to $400.  It came into play in September 2020 and was officially released a month later.

Meta Quest 2 has been popular for some time now, and has over 10 million users, according to a variety of sources.  With this VR headset, you’re able to track your hands without any controllers.  You can play a small variety of games with just your hands, no controllers are needed.  Virtual reality is only going to get more and more immersive and advanced, and we’re all excited to witness the outcome.